A Rustic Rooftop Cabin in Manhattan?

manhattan rooftop cabin
Written by Gary

A Manhattan couple is living my dream in a rooftop cabin in the West Village.

manhattan rooftop cabin

You will have to forgive me if my words seem a little jumbled today, but writing through such intense jealousy is a difficult task. I have always struggled with the idea of living in a concrete city when I am innately a really outdoorsy kind of guy. On one hand, Manhattan has all the opportunity to do whatever you want to do, at all hours of the night. On the other, there are like 10 trees, and most of them were planted- in place, and on purpose.

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David Puchkoff and Eileen Stukane have just blown my tits right off my body however, because they own a rooftop cabin in the West Village. From the street, the building looks like any other, however from the vantage of a helicopter you can see a full porch, complete with a dining table, and a beautiful yard, stories above the busy streets.

Technically the rooftop cabin is just for vanity, as it covers the large rooftop entrance to the couple’s loft, but I am still totally jealous that they get to hear the slam of a screen door and wiggle their toes around in the grass of their front AND back yards.

manhattan rooftop cabin

manhattan rooftop cabin

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