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Ric Pipino’s new line of hair care products, Revolution In Cut, is designed to help address haircut rather than hair type.

Love the haircut you get at the salon, but can’t figure out how to re-create it when you get back home? This happen to me a lot, and that’s why I’m super excited about Ric Pipino’s new customized hair product line, Revolution In Cut.

Ric Pipino is an internationally renowned stylist whose celeb clients include Naomi Watts, Ali Larter, and Diane Kruger. His brilliant new line of hair care products is designed to help address haircut rather than hair type. The concept is: you can make a haircut look good longer if you use the right products to bring out and reinforce its “personality”, shape and style.


Included in the line-up are shampoos, conditioners, primers and styling products customized to support six essential haircut techniques: bob, layered bob, crop, short layer, long layer, and blunt. Each product is lightly infused with the scent of Neroli (orange blossom) – as per Pipino’s belief that good hair should not just be about the way it looks and feels, but should also about how it smells. All products are free of sulfates, parabens and gluten.

Revolution In Cut’s products are divided in three different categories: CARE for my cut, PRIME my cut, and STYLE my cut.

CARE for my cut includes daily shampoos ($18),  daily conditioners ($18), and deep conditioners ($32) that can be used on all hair types and all haircuts. The daily conditioner provides UV protection and contains Keratin and protein to prevent any kind of breakage. The deep conditioner acts as a weekly hair mask using the power of amino acids and botanicals to nourish and repair dryness or damage.

PRIME my cut includes six different primers ($24) that are an extension of your hairdresser’s scissors: they help to support and maintain the performance of your haircut between your salon appointments. They are formulated with specific levels of hold, volume, texture and shine to improve the condition of your hair and by doing so, they’re extending the life of the cut. Made up of a blend of amino acids, proteins, and vitamins in conjunction with unique nanosphere technology, Revolution In Cut primers claim they will increase the strength, hydration and elasticity of your hair.

STYLE my cut contains styling products ($21-$26) that’ll add a finishing touch on that sexy hairstyle of yours. The categories of styling products include Toussle Me, Curl Me, Smooth Me and Lift Me. The thermal protectants found in the Toussle, Smooth and Lift prevent color from fading and protect against damage from styling tools. Toussle Me also includes rich antioxidants that work to repair damage and provide movement without build-up.

Revolution In Cut officially launched in January 2010 and will be sold exclusively through the month of March 2010 at Beauty 360 locations nationwide ( as well as at Pipino’s salons (

Revolution In Cut is a hair care line that is a direct reflection of Pipino’s approach to styling – it’s personal.

Disclosure: All products were provided for review. No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions belong to the author.

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