Retinology: It Just Works

Written by Bryce

I’m always looking for a great face cream… and vitamin A (also known as Retinol) is my top must-have ingredient.  This powerhouse nutrient helps gently slough off dead skin, repair what’s underneath, and leave a soft and glowing face within a week or two.  It’s difficult to find high concentrations of Retinol in drugstore products though, and if you don’t have the budget and time to head to the dermatologist for a prescription of Retin-A (the mega powerful version), getting yourself a bottle of over-the-counter Retinology by Lancaster is a good bet.

The texture is rich and velvety, but doesn’t leave your pores clogged or that oily sheen that everyone hates.  It’s ideal for fall and winter use since it’s a little more intense than the serum you probably used all summer.  This fabulous little cream leaves a light, silky layer on your skin that double-performs as a makeup primer… just add a dab of foundation and/or powder and your skin is flawless.  I’ve been using it day and night for about 2 weeks and noticed that my skin is smoother and more radiant… what more can a girl ask for?


1. “Active-Retinol”

2. Imperata cylindrica hydroglycolic extract helps ensure hydration

Australian Imperata cylindrica is a potassium-rich plant containing a unique water capture and protection system that enables it to withstand particularly hostile environments (high salt content, severe dryness).
Hydration measurements have shown that its moisturizing power makes it one of the most effective hydrating agents known today.

3. The RPF complex, a combination of plant and fruit extracts with anti-free radical properties to prevent oxidation that leads to wrinkles and sagging.

4. Timiron splendid copper (micro particles of mica covered with a thin layer of titanium dioxide) and micro rock crystals, whose energizing and optical properties (color intensification and light reflection) help:

  • Visibly minimize skin imperfections
  • Restore the skin’s radiance
  • Illuminate the complexion

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