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Research Shows VS Pink is the New Juicy Couture

decline of VS pink (Jeffries company data)
Written by emilyc

I love when there is research and evidence to back up my own thoughts and opinions. Research analysts at Jefferies, a global investment bank and institutional securities firm, conducted a survey that concluded that Victoria’s Secret Pink’s core customers are not buying more of the product and don’t view it as becoming more popular in the future. I mean, did they even have to waste their time on a survey and analysis about this topic? I could have told you that one.


Some recurring standout words from the customer survey were “overpriced” and “expensive.” The impending decline of the Pink brand is very Juicy Couture-esque.  I remember that day in ’07 when I started thinking “overpriced, expensive” about my Juicy velours (Juicy’s sales fell 18% between 2008 and 2012). The logo days are over, and frankly, so are coordinating sweatsuits.

Google search trends for “Victoria’s Secret Pink” are down from the past two years; just another reason to hold a ritualistic burning of your neon undies and LOVE PINK-emblazoned sweats before the fashion industry holds a proverbial burning of your sense of style.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of life? Probably that college-age girls are getting it together, and by “it,” I mean their outfits to wear to class.

juicy vs pink

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