The Most AMAZING Relationship Statistics Ever

These relationship statistics will blow your mind.

When you are in love with someone, you never really understand the gravity of all the time you spend together. In a relationship, everything seems bright, shiny, and new at first. As time goes on, things start to get little more normal and commonplace, and a lot of the time you start to take for granted all the time you spend with this one person, and all the things they bring to your life.

If the relationship ends, you often realize how much you took for granted when you are drinking yourself into oblivion, drunk texting, or randomly dry humping some strange in the back of a cab, and it is often then that you realize the importance of what you had.

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Building a life with someone is one of the most amazing things you will ever do, so hopefully this awesome video about relationships will remind you of that, if not make you sob into your 2 pm bowl of Fruit Loops because you are going to be a hairy-legged lonely cat lady for the rest of your life.


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