Relationship Spotting: Frenemies Versus Bitchy Friends

Written by Gary

I consider myself to be a great judge of character. I have a great support system of friends who I love dearly, and consider to be family.

That being said, some of them are total bitches.

Bitchy friends are not to be confused with frenemies, however. Bitchy friends are people who have amazing redeeming qualities, but they hide them below the surface so you basically have to dig into them with an ice pick to uncover any form of love or friendship. If these people are your friends, you have seen the truly worthwhile sides of them and probably find them endearing. If they aren’t your friends, you probably hate their guts.

Frenemies, on the other hand are people that are in your life because they have to be. Maybe you need something from them, or maybe they run in the same social circle (although you often wish they would run out of it, or possibly off a cliff). Frenemies either don’t have redeeming qualities, or they are hidden under such an intense mound of bullshit that they aren’t worth uncovering.

One of these types of people is worth having in your life. The other is not. If you haven’t puzzled out which is which by now, then you probably have a lot more issues than the people you surround yourself with.

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