Reasons Why Social Media Has No Place In Relationships

social media and relationships
Written by Gary

social media and relationships

There is no denying that social media is changing the way we communicate. If you are like me (late 20’s) you are probably hanging on to the social media bandwagon. You are still young enough to understand it and utilize it, but you still respect traditional forms of communication and prefer them. Its kind of sad to think about the coming generations and the fact that they would probably rather tweet each other than have a face to face. MTV’s teen mom Jenelle Evans recently tweeted her miscarriage, if that is any indication of where this is leading. I know this is probably making me sound like a grumpy old tranny, but I assure you that isn’t the case (the grumpy part at least).

I consider myself pretty engaged in social media, especially since its a huge part of my job, however I still believe it has no place in a relationship.  When you communicate via social media you lose all context. Context is a very important part of expression in a relationship. Communicating via social media limits what you can say. I believe it should take more than 142 characters to tell your boyf how you feel about him. Social media invites the world into your relationship. I know you want to show the world how much in love you and your new boyfriend are, but you have to remember that all those photos are pretty public. If you are lucky you have a few great friends you can trust explicitly. All those other hoes on your friend list would swipe up your man in a heartbeat just to avoid your lovey-dovey updates. All it takes is a message.

In this day and age, we use technology and media to find the loves of our lives. When we finally do find them though, I believe you should log off and enjoy your time with them in reality. Through social media it is easier than every to find a relationship, but unfortunately that means it is easier than ever to lose one, too.

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