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Worthwhile Reasons To Visit Montego Bay

Written by rosetta

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second largest city and a popular tourist destination partly because of its duty free shopping cachet. In general, Caribbean holidays are everything you ask for in a holiday break because of its ideally laidback environment, wonderfully scenic attractions, and fantastic people. For those looking to visit Jamaica, Montego Bay has lots of attractions and fun activities to indulge in, which include:

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Though having a troglodyte ring to its name, Doctor’s Cave Beach, is Montego Bay’s most popular beach mainly because of its partying destination status. It features dive platforms and white sandy fronts. Founded in 1906 as a bathing club, it got its name when Sir Herbert Barker, a chiropractor claimed that its waters had healing qualities. While there, you can strap on diving gear to enjoy a bit of snorkelling, or to simply check out the amazing variety of sea creatures in its stunningly clear water. There are also jet-skiing and parasailing facilities.

Cornwall Beach

Cornwall Beach is the most relaxed beach in Montego Bay, and is the place to be if you wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle of modern city life and also meet new people. It is ideal for groups of friends, families and individuals. Swimming and snorkelling are some of the most popular activities here and when you are done, you can sample the delicious seafood served by restaurants close to the beach, some of which also offer international cuisine.

Sam Sharpe Square

Sam Sharpe Square is an enthralling place, especially for those who love to include a few historical sites in their itinerary. It is the centrepiece of the island and provides a bit of insight into the town’s history. It was named after Sam Sharpe, an instrumental figure during the Christmas Rebellions of 1831, who advocated for non-violent protests against working on Christmas Day, but who was later killed for his role when they turned violent. Popular sights in the square include The Cage, a lock-up building built in 1806, and The Montego Bay Civic Centre, which houses a theatre, the Museum of St. James, and an art gallery.

With a wide range of attractions to choose from, Montego Bay has more than enough to keep you entertained. It is also a fantastic destination for those who wish to spend their holidays in a laid back environment. That said, the aforementioned attractions are just a few of the many that the town has to offer.

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