Rant of the Week: You Are Not As Fat As You Think You Are

weight issues
Written by Gary

No matter how much you weigh, in your younger years, it is a scientific fact (according to me) that you will think you are much fatter than you actually are. This is called body dysmorphia, and it plagues young men, women, and gays everywhere.

weight issues

If you ask any old person, they will tell you that they wish they had appreciated their body more when everything was in the correct place. As we age, things start wrinkling and sagging, and our bodies don’t metabolize food in the same way. At 18, you can excrete all your excess nutrients in the form of energy, bitchiness, or all-night binges at coke parties. The older you get, the more your body rebels against such things until you can see the outline of every single donut you consume as it navigates its way directly to your ass.

When we are young, we are much more superficial. We are so concerned with our appearance that we often fail to appreciate it. The older I get, the more I realize that none of that really matters, which is good, because its starting to look like a murder of crows had a break-dancing contest at the edges of my eyes.

So take a moment today to look at yourself in the mirror, and for once, think of all your positive attributes instead of harping on the negative. Being young, beautiful, and carefree is something we only get to do once, so if its possible to choose, you should decide to care more about who you are becoming, than what is becoming of your looks.

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