Rant of the Week: Who is to Blame for our Body Image Issues?

Written by Gary

Everybody always blames Barbie for their body image issues. They say that if they had a more realistic role model to look up to, they wouldn’t be so emotionally fucked up about their weight. My question is, why are children looking at dolls as role models? Don’t these kids have parents that look like everyday, average people? And if so, why aren’t these parents giving their children dolls that look like Patrick from Sponge-Bob, instead of an anorexic twig?

Everybody has their down moments. I remember looking at myself in the mirror the other day thinking about how I compared to some of the Olympians that have been wall-raping my Facebook lately. I realized that I don’t exactly look like them, and that made me sad. Then I realized that I eat pizza and wings all the time, and don’t work out all day every day. I realized how completely stupid I was being.
Its human nature to compare yourself to others, especially your peers. That doesn’t make it healthy, however.

The only person we really have to compare ourselves to, is ourselves. I know that is hard to wrap your head around, and even harder to do but can you imagine a world  people stopped being so critical of themselves, and looking at the things they don’t have, as opposed to the things they do? I dare say (and this may be a reach) that we could achieve world peace, since most of the wars are started because we want something another country has.

This behavior starts in the playground at a very young age and plagues us for the rest of our lives. I am not going to say that I have all the answers, but I will say that if sometimes you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, you are not alone. I am the same way. When you were young, maybe it was your parents fault, but now that you are an adult the blame falls squarely on your shoulders.

So every time you look in the mirror, if you hear that little voice trying to cut you down, balance it out by saying something nice too, even something as small as “Your areolas look especially plush today.” There is enough negativity in the world without us constantly beating ourselves down, too.

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