Rant of the Week: Is Smoking Still Sexy?

smoking sexy river viiperi
Written by Gary

smoking sexy river viiperi

I guess the better question is: Was smoking ever actually sexy? I am someone who has never actually smoked a cigarette, so I feel that I can be completely impartial about it. It’s 2012, and we have proven time and time again that smoking is bad for your health. In New York, its getting to the point where you basically can’t smoke anywhere public, and it still boggles my mind when I visit other states that have “smoking sections” in restaurants, because it really is like having a “peeing section” in a pool.

The whole glamorization of smoking really took an upswing in the 50’s with advertising. You have all seen Mad Men, so you know how it goes. Back before people actually knew it was harmful for you, everyone smoked, even pregnant women. The cigarette companies wanted even more money, so they perpetuated this idea that smoking is somehow sexy, and linked it to the whole “bad boy” image that we all creamed our manties for in our youth. Here are a few truths: (made a little more ironic by the fact that the biggest anti-smoking campaign is called “Truth”.

Smoking may look sexy because we have been programmed to believe that by advertisers, but the reality of waking up hacking up phlegm, smelling like an ash tray that was left out in the rain, and teeth the color of burnt corn isn’t cutesy. Its sort of like forced anal sex, or children- in theory it seems like a sexy idea, but in reality its just a big, painful mess.

The guy in the photo above (River Viiperi, pretty famous male model that is ruining his career by dating Paris Hilton) looks super sexy while smoking. But River Viiperi would look sexy doing anything, even taking a huge dump on a blind orphan. Sexy people look sexy no matter what they do, but we automatically find the idea of smoking sexy since we see photos like the one in this post. Imagine a 45 year-old overweight trucker smoking a Marlboro red, while flipping through a dog-eared porno. That is probably what you look like.

People should feel free to do whatever the Hell they want with their bodies, but when it comes to smoking, it affects the people around them. Plus its just fucking gross. Will I kick a guy out of my bed just because he smokes? Probably not, because I am a slut. But will I consider a long term relationship with him? Probably not, because the smell would get on my nerves eventually, and I want to end up with someone who won’t need to suck on an oxygen tank at 50 years old.

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