Rain, Don’t Go Away

Written by Steph

It was only a month ago when it seemed like the rain in New York was never-ending. Despite the fact that America seemed to be morphing into East Asia, I refused to purchase another umbrella. I have a penchant for buying those cheap $5.00 black umbrellas while I’m on a cigarette run and then leaving them behind on the subway, at the bar, or in a garbage can on the side of the street as they tend to flip inside out and make me look like a terrible douche.


Eventually, I grew disenchanted with the whole walking in the rain motif ala Living La Vida Loca music video. I don’t make rain sexy. It was time to invest in rain armor, pronto.


So I got hooked up with this paisley rain protectant hotness, courtesy of Cheeky Umbrella. Hailing from Canada, Cheeky Umbrella combines durability and wearability, a marriage so rare in the umbrella industry. Cheeky uses flexible fiberglass ribs, so your umbrella won’t flash its’ insides to innocent passersby and embarrass you. Also, the quick-drying pongee fabric won’t break free from the spoke, exposing dangerous, eye-poking metal and causing you to look like one of those sad suckers who can’t let go of their once-efficient weather-ware. Seriously, that’s what everyone is thinking when you walk around with your metal spokes hanging out for the world to see, you slut.

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