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Behold the Bling It On Pedi, a pedicure using 500 or more carefully applied Swarovski crystals to create custom designs for toes. About five times the cost of your run-of-the-mill, ho-hum pedicure, the Bling It On Pedi takes approximately one hour and lasts a month, according to Spa Gregorie’s, the southern California day spa and salon that recently started offering it.

Stone applications range from full nail coverage to custom embellishments, animal prints and holiday hues. You can also accessorize your designer outfits with logo art including Burberry, Gucci and Chanel, if you’re one of those. Pricing starts at $150, and that does not include standard pedicure service.

Not in California, or can’t afford the hefty price tag?

You can always get your own Swarovski crystals and attempt to do it yourself. Let me know how it goes!

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  • We also have the genuine Swarovski crystal body tattoos – they have medical adhesive, so you can bling your body, your laptop, phone, etc ~ and ~ you can use nail glue to do this sparkling pedi at home as well. They are sold wholesale – 100 pc min – so tell a friend and get 50 each. You’ll save hundreds doing it yourself and look fab!

    stay sparkly,

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