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A Look Inside My Purse’s Beauty Arsenal

Written by Bryce

I write a lot about what’s new and great in the beauty world, but the truth is my purse is only so big (and my shoulder is only so strong), so I’ve narrowed it down to the best and brightest and what I’m REALLY using on a day to day basis.

I’ve been carrying this Loeffler Randall clutch just about everywhere lately because it fits my beauty arsenal so well (also I just found out it’s on 50% off sale here if you want one, too) and packing it with my fave beauty products and my super cutesy credit card holding key ring by Ralph Lauren.

The first product I carry religiously (literally, I have these in my bag, nightstand, gym locker, and obviously my bathroom) is the oh-so-necessary package of PONDS Towelettes. They remove makeup and gross debris PLUS leave my skin feeling moisturized. They have even been my emergency hand-cleaning helper in the park before a picnic feast. The texture totally sets them apart from all the other wipes I’ve tried, and I think I use them so much there’s a chance I might make it onto that TLC show My Strange Addiction.

I also always have my NARS lip pencil in Luxemboug because a bright lip is chic any time of day, and it hydrates in a gentle, matte way. I keep this dimensional blush by Hourglass at all times, too, because it’s a cinch to use as a regular blush or to transform into highlighter or use a million other ways. And where there’s blush, there’s got to be a good brush, so I love the super easy and affordable (no guilt when I lose them!) line by EcoTools. I keep the purse-size brushes at all times, and they’re so easy to use I keep a few extra sets on hand– they’re available here.

Obviously no purse (or face!) would be complete without a lip balm or mascara, and my faves du jour are this eyeball-bangs-maker by Lancome, Lather Lip Conditioning Balm, available here.

I keep a little tube of for-emergencies-Aquaphor in my bag, too, because it’s great for protecting heels from shoe drama, dabbing on super dry patches of skin, or using for beauty-ninja things.

This post was sponsored, but, this is my real purse with all my real faves. This is my real deal portable beauty junk drawer that I can’t live without.




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