Pug Gifts Their Owners Will Love

pug gifts
Written by Ruth K

One thing about pugs — they make for awesome company. We’re helping you cherish the pug lovers and owners in your life through these adorable pug gifts. Looking for more ideas like this? You’ll also love knowing dog and human matching outfits exist.

Our favorite pug gifts on Amazon Prime

Pug Life Funny Hoodie – $19.91 

pug gifts, pug life hoodie

This hoodie is perfect for the season weather, and makes for a great pug-appreciation gift. It comes is all sizes, and a variety of colors.

Puppy Dog Glasses Holder – $13.99

pug gifts, pug glasses holder

This cute accessory is one of the most useful pug gifts you’ll come across. It holds your glasses and keeps the lens from getting scratched. You get beauty and functionality out of this adorable gift.

Starpugs Coffee Mug – $13.50

pug gifts, starpugs coffee

Sipping your morning coffee out of this generous 15-ounce mug is a dream. This is a simple yet classic gift that will always be appreciated. Heck, it’s worth trying Swedish egg coffee in this thing.

Every Snack You Make T-Shirt – $16.98

pug gifts, every snack you make t-shirt

An ode to those famous every step you take lyrics this t-shirt will have you humming the tune every time you catch your pug staring at your meal.

Home Decoration Succulent Vase – $6.99

pug gifts, succulent pug planter gift

This new home for your succulent is just as adorable as the sleeping pug on the bed. Ditch the plain pots and embrace this cute and practical vase.

Women’s Plush Pug Slippers – $19.99

pug gifts, plush pug puppy slippers

These soft slippers are perfect indoor winter wear. The plush sherpa lining keep the feet warm and cozy. This is an ideal gift for the women in your life, and the cute pug with the tongue out adds a whole lot of fun. They’re also the perfect add-on pug gifts to any of the pjs on our softest women’s pajamas list.

Pug Crew Socks – $10

pug gifts, pug crew socks

No one can ever have enough socks. These cute socks make for the perfect pug gifts. They are comfort mixed in with happiness for the dog lovers. The colors — black, blue, and peach — are all wonderful to look at. Whats more could pug lover ask for?

Cute Pug Dog Infinity Scarf – $15.99

pug gifts, pug infinity scarf

Looking for something that can be worn throughout the year? This loop-twice infinity scarf is super soft and lightweight, perfect for all weather conditions. This is one of those pug gifts created to bring joy to the pug lovers in your life.

Pug Fleece Blanket – $24.99

pug gifts

This — this right here — is the epitome of all pug gifts. This fleece blanket will keep you and the pug warm, and so much more. The blanket comes in different designs, with adorable variations, including one with Christmas Pug. This is a gift that can be distributed to all the pug lovers in your life, with everyone getting one that matches their unique personalities. It’s also one of the best Christmas gifts for women in their 20s for all the most obvious reasons.

Pug-opoly – $21.99

pug gifts, pugopoly dog board game

As the snow falls outside and the people gather inside, this is always the best time to bring out the game. This game is designed for pug lovers, and will be a great way to spread the love to family and friends.

Pugs and Prejudice – $6.43

pug gifts

Now this is the best of the best. Place this in the hands of a pug lover and you will find out what a gem this is. Pugs in Georgian clothing (absolutely adorable) and a classic story to accompany it. It cannot get any better than this.

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