The Presidential Candidates are Actually Disney Villains

presidents as disney villains
Written by Gary

Is it possible that the presidential candidates are actually Disney Villains?

presidents as disney villains

I feel like I have said this before, but I feel like the current presidential elections are a fucking circus. The fact that Donald Trump is even running says a lot about our country, specifically, the middle of it. The fact that Donald Trump is a front-runner for the Republicans says a lot about that party, specifically the fact that he never actually answers any question posed to him, and thinks that his business acumen makes him qualified to run a country. I know I preach that I don’t like talking about politics, but this isn’t really politics; I feel like I am actually critiquing a bad reality show, which is fitting, if you think about it.

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So basically, the presidential elections are a hot mess, and everybody knows it. That is why these presidential candidates as Disney villains memes are so hilariously accurate.

presidents as disney villains presidents as disney villains presidents as disney villains presidents as disney villains presidents as disney villains

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