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Pregnancy Sleeping Positions to Try for a Better Night

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Sleep can be difficult when carrying a baby, but we’ve narrowed down the best pregnancy sleeping positions for you to try.

Sleeping is such an important element of good health. If you don’t sleep well, your body won’t be able to repair damage and decay that occurred during the day. Sleep is even more important when you are pregnant. Your body is using up a lot of energy, so you need to rest in order to be restored for another day. Your sleeping position can seriously affect the quality of your sleep. You need to make sure to sleep in the right position, else risk health problems, poor sleep, and discomfort. Here are the pregnancy sleeping positions to try for a better night:


Sleeping on Your Side — All of the weight that is being placed on your spine (the growing baby in your belly) is going to make sleeping on your back uncomfortable. If, however, you sleep on your side, the weight of your belly won’t press down on your spine. You’ll sleep a lot better if you turn on your side, and you can even place a pillow beneath your belly to support the weight and prevent it from dragging on your spine (pulling you forward).

Sleeping on Your LEFT Side — Heartburn and acid reflux are both common side effects of pregnancy. Your growing baby is squeezing the organs in your abdomen, including your stomach. This reduces the amount of space in your stomach, which can force the stomach acid up your esophagus. Sleeping on your right side will increase your risk of acid reflux, as gravity will add to the compression on your stomach and increase the risk of the acid coming back up your esophagus. Sleep on your left side, and gravity will pull your stomach acid AWAY from your esophageal sphincter, reducing your risk of acid reflux.

pregnancy sleeping positions


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Sleep With a Pillow Between Your Legs — This is a good way to reduce the pressure on your spine and make your sleep more comfortable. Try to sleep with your knees bent (but not tucked up), and keep the pillow between your legs to support your hips and lower back.

Sleep With Your Upper Body Elevated — If you can’t beat heartburn in a normal position, raise your head and shoulders to let gravity pull the stomach acid downward, away from your esophagus.  You may experience shortness of breath later in your pregnancy, as the expanding baby will press on your lungs. By raising your head and shoulders with pillows, you let gravity pull the baby downward and reduce the pressure on your lungs so you can breathe easier.

pregnancy sleeping positions

This is how you should be sleeping, but here are two sleeping positions you should never try while pregnant:

Sleeping on Your Back — This can increase your risk of backaches, as the baby places pressure on your spine. It can also cause breathing problems, digestive upset, acid reflux, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure, and the list goes on. Your abdomen will be resting on your intestines and major blood vessels, and can lead to a reduction in blood flow and intestinal function.

Have any other great tips or tricks for your favorite pregnancy sleeping positions? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below!


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