Posing 101: How Not To Be A Model

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Take a tip or two from Tanning Mom and other not top models

So you wanna be a model? Dream on betch! Kidding, kidding. But seriously, modeling is a very cutthroat world. You think Karlie Kloss just worked her way to the top without knowing how to strike a fierce pose? Oh no she did not girlfriend! Modeling requires height, skinniness, awesomeness, a little bit of sluttiness, a general fierceness and the ability to really connect with a camera. Clearly, these ladies still have a whole lot of learning to do. That’s okay though. Whether you’re straight flexing on Instagram or actively pursuing modeling as a profession, here’s what NOT to do if you hope to ever make it big.

Oh hey girl heyyyy. Yep, it’s Tanning Mom just turning up the heat on the beach! Ow owww!!! Work it girl!

Seductive grave poses are never okay. I repeat, NEVER okay. Please stop now.


The twisted pretzel pose is hard to master and even harder to look at. Holy sh*t!


 Ummm, we think we just lost our appetite. The grocery store, really????


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