Poll: Sex Better with Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Henry VIII or Dracula?

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True confession: I’ve always been kinda hot for Jonathan Rhys Meyers — something about him, even when he’s NOT onscreen – is deliciously dirty and dangerous and tortured.

I loved him on the Tudors (where his power and omnipotence fit his dynamic) but now on Dracula, he’s a vampire — obviously works with his personality aesthetic – but he’s on network television, which waters the whole thing down.

And this has absolutely screwed with my primetime fetish aesthetic.

Obviously, JRS’s Henry VIII looked nothing like the reality. We’re OK with that. Would the world have benefitted from him wearing a fat suit and donning red hair? No! They would have missed out on THIS. (See below.)

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We’ve already seen him naked on The Tudors (hell. to the yes.) but now on Dracula, it feels like seeing an old friend in a whole new setting. This reads as the same, yet different – his addiction to women (with and without sucking their blood), power, and killing rivals. And so now he’s sort of monstrous (in a sexy way?), even more intense, perhaps even more afflicted than Henry Tudor…but, oddly less erotic.

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However, we’re this time treated to the drama of a doomed Victorian romance and sexy Gothic backdrop.

The basic truth is Jonathan Rhys Meyers is bloody good at at sex scenes, regardless of the era or characters involved.he actor admits he does find TV work tough, but seems to be settling in to the more sexual aspects of Dracula very easily. Thanks to The Tudors, he is no stranger to sex scenes, and is something he believes he is very good at.

“I find the sex scenes very easy… It’s one of the gifts I think I have been blessed with as an actor.” Meyers said in an interview with the UK’s Daily Star. “If I am doing a sex scene I can really, really – for those moments – totally fall in love with the actress that I am working with.”


So, duh, I’d rather sleep with his Henry Tudor…but I’d not throw this one out of bed either.

What about you?

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  • So the question is Sex with Tudors JRM or Dracula? After watching the season finale…I want Dracula….because the love showed better through his last scene than in Tudors. I quivered when I saw how much passion he put into that scene. Dang I know he would have made a great Christian Grey. He has been blessed by God with gifts of talent….I hope he realizes this, because to me…JRM is the next big thing!!! Good Luck friend.

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