Political Period Panties: Bleed on Politician’s Faces

political period panties
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Political period panties.

Political Period Panties: they’ll help you celebrate your political views by bleeding on politicians’ faces.

political period panties

In perhaps the most amazing show of political views ever, ‘Cute Fruit Undies’ has come up with a line of period underwear called ‘Bloody Marys’ that will absorb your monthly flow into a fabric photo of a politician who supports legislation about women’s bodies. The underwear features a ‘blood dumpster’ with the face of one of nine politicians, including Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump, who I am assuming are two of the most popular.

We’re disappointed to see that Hilary and Bernie didn’t make the bloody cut, but that’s okay, we expect enraged American women to find a way to bleed on all candidates equally. While some of these candidates are out of the race, these political period panties might still offer you a rare opportunity outside of social media to let your aggressions out.

Creator Sarah Palatnik is also open to suggestions, if you don’t see the politician upon whom you wish to bleed… so, put that in your pipe.

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The high-waisted panty is leak-proof, anti-bacterial, and comes with a detachable heating pad to sooth cramping. Honestly, these garments are where politics, fashion, and menstruation meet. What more could you possibly need?

political period panties political period panties

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