The Truth Behind Perfect Instagram Pics

instagram photo truths
Written by Gary

A new photography series reveals the truth behind perfect Instagram pictures.

instagram photo truths

Unless your head is shoved up your own (or Kylie Jenner’s) ass, you have probably realized by now that Instagram doesn’t really paint an accurate portrait of a persons life. All social media, since it is controlled by the user, is designed to allow people to curate the image of themselves that they present to the world.

I have a good friend shall remain nameless) who has tons of followers on Facebook, but he Photoshops every photo. His profile reads like a comp card for models with eating disorders, but people eat it up (do you like puns? I have more where that came from…). I have another friend who spends 80% of her day taking perfect Instagram selfies–but people love it, and she loves the attention.

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Chompoo Baritone (AKA the draggiest name I have ever heard) is a Thailand-based photographer that recently highlighted this phenomenon in his new photography series. He points out the fact that most Instagram photos are just tiny slivers of your actual life, covered with a filter and cropped to perfection.

I think the bigger message here is that social media itself is but a tiny portion of the sum of our lives, but what do I know? I just write about this crap.

instagram photo truths

instagram photo truths

instagram photo truths

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