Open Letter to People Who Go to Music Festivals

Written by Karina

Can we do boho-braids all weekend long?

Hey! It’s been a while since we talked. We should hang out soon! How’s this weekend? Wanna get tacos and see Titanic in 3-D? Seriously. If my 13-year-old self knew that one day, she’d have the chance to watch Rose and Jack get it on in three full dimensions, she would have thrown herself off of a boat at the thought of missing it once that day comes. But no biggie if that’s not your thing. We could go shoe shopping?! I really need a new pair of flats for spring. I’m in looove with those pastel-toed oxfords of your’s. Where’d you say you got them? It’d be rad if you wanted to come along to help me pick some out. Oh wait, that’s right. You’ve got that thing this weekend. Like, some music thing? Or was it a camping thing? Maybe a work thing. Damn, I can’t remember what it was you said you were doing this weekend. Why can’t I remember? It’s not like you and half of my entire Facebook feed hasn’t been posting about this music-camping-work-thing-that-everyone-is-apparently-doing-now for the last three weeks. Or have you? Gosh, I guess I’ve just hardly noticed.

Hold on. I didn’t know you were into camping. Are you into camping? Do you even know what camping is? Do you know that showers are not a typical feature of camping? Ok, thaaat’s what you posted on Sophie’s wall last month. Your hotel! So fun. Who cares about camping, you’re going to see so many bands! I’m so jealous you get to see M83! Send me pics? Wait, what did you just say? You don’t know who M83 is?

Oh, whatever. Doesn’t matter! MUSIC FESTIVALS, HELLS YEAH! You don’t need to camp out (yuck!) or know who any of the bands are (peace, love, music!) to have fun. Who goes to a music festival for the music or to sleep on dirt? Um, no one. Your burn-0ut uncle, maybe, if it were 1978. Girl, it’s going to be so fun, just hanging out, rocking that fringed concert-T, getting pit-snagged by a style blogger’s photo team. You’re gonna look so good. And you know how I know this? Because you’ve posted a picture of every outfit you’re planning on wearing to Instagram.

Love ya, gf. Bring me back a sweaty guitarist?

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