Olaf Nail Tutorial

Written by corey

When it comes to social networking, I can usually be found spewing my thoughts on Twitter about every 2 minutes. However, I do love to take a look at Vine for a some quick 7-second laughs. Last night, I was going through the popular page when something really got me excited.


Disney’s Frozen has quickly become one of my favorite movies for many reasons. Sure…like a lot of Disney movies, I have a lot of follow-up questions. However, when the adorable Olaf just came to life by some questionable magic, I just let it slide. Seriously…how cute is he?

While songs like Let It Go really had my heart soar, it was Olaf’s love for life and adventure that made me fall in love with the movie. What’s a  better way to celebrate our love for Olaf than nail art? He’s just so damn cute! Take a look at the vine below for a quick tutorial.

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