NYPD SUV Goes Gay for Pride Weekend

nypd gay patrol car
Written by Gary

A gay NYPD patrol car.

The police are showing their showing support for the LGBT community with a rainbow-colored NYPD SUV patrol vehicle for gay pride weekend.

nypd gay patrol car

Despite the fact that the massacre in Orlando was a horrible tragedy, the one silver lining is that changes have been happening all around the country in support of LGBT equality and rights. One such change has come from the NYPD, who painted one of their patrol vehicles in rainbow-colors for the pride parade this weekend. The vehicle carries a message of support for the victims and survivors of Orlando, as well as a heart sticker that reads ‘NYC Pride 2016’ and the phrase ‘Pride Equality Peace.’

It’s a bold, welcome move by the NYPD, especially after the proud, beautiful showing at the Stonewall Inn lately.

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Even though we are living in a time when political tensions are high, especially surrounding the LGBT community, it is nice to see some solidarity from the people whose job it is to protect and serve. On behalf of some of the local gays in NYC, thank you so much, NYPD! Your kindness and support is extra special.

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