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Not your average Fitness/Dance/Yoga class

Written by Alaine

Its that time of year when the pounds start creeping up on you as the holiday season approaches (starting with Halloween; put down that candy corn!). I’ve been a little bit of a workout whore lately and working out about 2 hours a day for several weeks now (dance, yoga, pilates, cardio, calisthenics) and it got me to thinking about fitness trends…Because we all know that changing up the routine will produce results. Ok, whatever. When it comes down to it we need variety in our sweatfests otherwise we won’t be motivated or excited about working up a sweat.
Check these out…. (These workouts sound pretty awesome – I want to try them out)

If you’re bored with Pilates try Gyrotonics
(No its not related to the Halal food truck staple, the gyro) This is a system of fluid and rhythmic movement that shares elements of yoga, tai chi, gymnastics, swimming, and dance. Works the entire body and promotes long lean muscles, enhances joint mobility, prevents osteoporosis, and compliments with any physical therapy regimen. Also try Gyrokinesis, the mat form – without the use of machines so you can practice it anywhere! Check out Kinespirit studios for Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis

Gyrotonic exercise

Try Yamuna if you can’t touch your toes in yoga class.
A Yamuna class uses 6 to 10 inch balls to release tension within the muscles, tendons, and joints. If you’ve ever used a foam roller at the gym before and after a workout, you know how painful it feels. This method seems to be less painful and more along the lines of self-massage lessening the need for a Charlotte chiropractic. I think this would be a great class to catch in the morning or at the end of a long day. Its not so much a workout but a complementary class that would enable you to stretch further, release stress and tension, prevent injury due to fatigue or sports. Check out Yamuna Studio in the West Village for classes

Yamuna Body Rolling

If you love wearing bright American Apparel spandex to work out…Check out Nia Dance

I love the bright colored spandex and 80s hair in the middle of the video I have a friend who does Nia classes and she loves it. Find classes near you at Nia Now

If your hands and feet are slipping on your yoga mat during Downward Dog, try AntiGravity Yoga.
I have a friend who is addicted to AntiGravity Yoga because of the combination of yoga, dance, pilates, calisthenics, and aerial acrobatics. I’m terrified of heights so you won’t see me doing aerial silk dance anytime soon (though I know a few professional aerial dancers that do it) but my friend reassured me that you’re not hanging 12 feet in the sky during an AntiGravity Yoga class but mere inches. This is not your gentle yoga class as I’ve been warned, you will sweat. Classes are taught at the Om Factory in Midtown.

AntiGravity Yoga

Last but not least, I also teach a dance class called “Unleash the dance” that promotes freedom of movement, art therapy, natural alignment, and creativity. This class creates a supportive environment in which self-consciousness will dissolve and the dancer will emerge (even if you’ve never stepped into a dance studio your entire life). Half of the proceeds go towards supporting Houston Street Center’s outreach programs in the Lower East Side/Chinatown area and beyond. Click here for more information about my “Making Moves” dance class series.

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