No More Tired Eyes

Written by Ashley

I don’t know if it’s because I don’t drink enough water, or because I never sleep, or a combo of both…but bloodshot eyes and under eye circles and  have come out to play.  And not like that ‘ TAG, YOU’RE IT! ” play. They don’t play nice.

So what do I used to put them in time out?

ROHTO Eye Drops $6.79 at or check out WHERE TO BUY at


There are four products in the ROHTO line – new Hydra, Cool, Ice and Arctic. I dig them all, for their specialities like redness relief, itchy eyes & allergies. For my tired eyes, I’m all about the ICE!  Celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass, who has worked with some of Hollywood’s leading ladies like Tina Fey, Christina Applegate and Elizabeth Banks, LOVES these drops, and they’re a staple in her makeup kit because they “clear redness, while cooling and refreshing for an instant wake-up!”

Magnolia Fresh Eyes  $38.95 at

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Magnolia Fresh Eyes is fresh solution to puffy, dark circles under your eyes.  Eyeseryl® Peptide, Daisy Flower, Green Coffee, and Magnolia extracts all work in unison to fight the underlying issues, from fluid build up to weakened capillaries.  In other word, my puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles are saying bye-bye!

** NOTE** Keep this stuff in the fridge! The cool cream will give your eyes a wakeup call!

Benefit Eye Bright Pencil   $20 at

31CFXWE66ML._AA265_Color in your dark areas under the eye with this soft and smudge proof pencil. This is a great primer for your concealer, and will keep you looking fresh-to-death.  When all is said and done, I keep this on hand at all times. Great for keeping the inner corner of my eyes and browbones highlighted, post makeup application, and all throughout the night!

**NOTE** Use this baby in the AM, strap on your stilettos, and the world will never know you’re walking the walk of shame.


AAAAAtYfqScAAAAAAHHekQAvailable in over 30 colors, this 2-in-1 foundation/concealer not only my crater-like tired eyes, but it makes blemishes and spots hide all day long!  This stuff doesn’t budge, and keeps me secure that touchups are not needed when I’m running around all day long. And the killer compact comes with a huge mirror and small sponge inside, that helps keep any product from sinking into lines and any wee wrinkles that may pop up.  Even if I didn’t have all of these other fine tools in my tired-eyes arsenal, I know THIS will keep me looking dewy, fresh, and flawless. Yea I said it. FLAWLESS!

Use MatchFX at to find your perfect shade, and start curing yourself of under-eye-drama ASAP!

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  • A friend of mine recommended and let me try an undereye solution that was basically sheer magic in a bottle! It’s called “eye primer”, and it’s from Paula Dorf New York! It makes your eye circles virtually disappear, and I know that’s extremely valuable for a workaholic like me!

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