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New Research Says This Fertility Smoothie Could Get You Pregnant

Written by Bryce

Researchers at the University of Southampton found a fertility smoothie recipe that may help women conceive more easily.

If the idea of a fertility smoothie sounds too easy, you can thank the lovely researchers at the University of Southampton for discovering the precise concoction of micronutrients that may help push some infertility to the wayside. A daily diet inclusive of fertility smoothies, drinks containing a precise mixture of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids, has been found to help couples battling mild to moderate infertility according to the British study.

Consuming the drink each day was found to boost both sperm and womb quality, and helps nearly 4% more IVF success on average. Researchers say the fertility smoothie recipe, which contains the same type of omega 3 as a normal portion of salmon and a single supplement dose of vitamin D, will also work for couples trying naturally for a child. The smoothie effect is purely because it’s “more realistic” to get a woman to drink a daily beverage than to reliably eat salmon and pop vitamins each day.

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The smoothie itself is not commercially available and the researchers haven’t released their exact recipe, but a portion of salmon typically has a portion of 500mg of omega 3 fatty acids, and you can easily stock up on high quality vitamin D supplements. We spoke to nutrition experts who recommended making flaxseed, berry, and whole milk smoothies to mimic the nutrient effects of the researchers’ formulations.

The study of 102 couples found the fertility smoothies, taken for six weeks before starting IVF, were remembered by couples who might forget a tablet or be too lazy to follow a healthy diet.

Lead researcher Dr Alexandra Kermack shared, “Previous research shows that omega 3 is absolutely vital for sperm, making them stronger swimmers, and vitamin D makes the womb more receptive and “sticky” for the embryo to implant.” Some of the very same antioxidative foods are known for improving skin quality and erasing sun damage, too. Win-win, right?

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