12 New Orleans Souvenirs Every Traveler MUST Get

Written by Allison

The New Orleans souvenirs you’ll actually treasure

Living in New Orleans I feel like I need to balance my home with showing my city pride, and trying not to feel like I live in a New Orleans gift shop. Every time I have someone come visit they always ask what New Orleans Souvenirs they absolutely need to take home. This is the full list every New Orleans visitor needs to pick up (right after you try these Creole desserts in New Orleans and these classic New Orleans cocktails).

Slap Ya’ Mama Cajun Spice Blend

 New Orleans Souvenirs

Quite possibly my favorite spice in New Orleans is Slap Ya Mama. We get the hot version at home (which is really just less salty) and use it on everything from chicken to fries to popcorn.

Crystal Hot Sauce

 New Orleans Souvenirs


For hot sauce lovers you need to pick up a bottle of Crystal. There are at least four different hot sauce shops in the city where you can try every kind of hot sauce imaginable. But, New Orleans natives are much more likely to have a bottle of Crystal at home.

Chef Paul Prudhome “Magic” spice

 New Orleans Souvenirs

Chef Paul Prudhome is a NOLA legend. He brought the world the Turduckin so he’s pretty much a national hero in my book. He has a range of “magic” spices that we use regularly. Seafood and poultry are particular favorites.

Zaps Potato Chips

 New Orleans Souvenirs

Zapps makes New Orleans kettle chips in funky flavors. I’m a particular fan of the crawtators flavor but Voodoo is a crowd pleaser if you’re bringing your  New Orleans Souvenirs home to share.

Cafe Du Monde Beignet Mix

 New Orleans Souvenirs

If you don’t try a beignet while you’re in New Orleans, you’re doing something wrong. Cafe Du Monde is easily the most famous (and most merchandised!) place for our favorite square doughnut. Take home a box mix and share with friends. We recommend reading up on our list of the best beignets in New Orleans, too.

Cafe Du Monde Coffee With Chicory 

 New Orleans Souvenirs

New Orleans coffee with chicory is an acquired taste for some but it’s a must try. The chicory is added to smooth over the bitterness of coffee. A tin of this is great if you’re bringing home  New Orleans Souvenirs as gifts for friends because it’s only a couple of bucks at any grocery store.

Street Car Jewelry 

 New Orleans Souvenirs

Don’t call it a trolly, it’s a street car! Ride the street car and commemorate the experience with a piece of New Orleans jewelry. You can find charms in local jewelers like Mignon Faget.

New Orleans Saints Jersey

 New Orleans Souvenirs

I mean, you can’t not get some Saints apparel.

Bead Art

 New Orleans Souvenirs

A local pass time, after Mardi Gras is taking the beads you collected and making art. It’s kind of like large scale, shiny pixelism. Pick up some beads and try it yourself or support a local artist.

Krewe Sunglasses

 New Orleans Souvenirs

New Orleans born super-trendy sunglass brand, Krewe, may be the most pricy thing on this list of New Orleans Souvenirs. They make unique, fashionable sunnies – stop into their French Quarter shop to take a look.

Bourbon Street Bar Cup

Almost every bar on Bourbon has a commemorative cup to go along with it. If not, this slightly classier version from Tervis will do the trick.

Local Art

Local artists are EVERYWHERE in New Orleans. Even if you don’t find something you like in the artists that line the French Quarter, most coffee shops and some restaurants have local art for sale as well.

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