New Laws in Italy Aim to End Food Waste

italy food waste laws
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Italy is killing it with new food waste laws.

New laws are being passed in Italy to help end food waste.

italy food waste laws

I have never been to Italy, but I know enough about it to know that people there love to eat. Any time you have a place so well known for its cuisine, its reasonable to assume there is also a huge amount of wasted food to go along with it. The Italian government has taken note of this, and backed a new set of laws to cut down on the amount of wasted food each year, which is currently at around five million tons.

The laws have several different purposes, allowing businesses to record food donations in a much more simple way, give food away even if it is slightly past the sell-by date, and pay less waste-tax on donated food.

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Farmers can donate unsold produce to charity without cost, and families will be encouraged to take doggy bags home from restaurants.

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, 40 percent of all food across Europe is wasted, in comparison to one third of the rest of the world. The food currently being wasted could feed upwards of 200 million people.

France has been making great strides in the arena of reducing waste, so its pretty great that more countries are jumping on board to tackle the problem.

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