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Natural Ways To Brighten Your Teeth

Written by corey

We’ve all had that moment, before a big event, when we felt like our teeth just weren’t bright enough. For me, it’s usually before a date with a very eligible bachelor — I look to look my best on first dates, as we all do. As I grew up, I started smoking cigarettes and chugging coffee like no tomorrow. As a result, the color of my teeth suffered. I’m not like one of those super rich kids with parents who paid for their smiles. No, I had to work hard for mine and I’m still unhappy with it. Instead of spending countless dollars on white strips (that I don’t even think really whiten your teeth), I’m taking a natural approach.

You may not be stepping out onto the red-carpet anytime soon but you should always have a camera ready smile. Here’s some tips:

1) Try adding some kale into your diet. No, not because it’s the on-trend food of the moment but because it will help brighten your teeth. Marc Lowenberg, DDS says “the consistency is so dense that it helps clean your teeth as your chewing it and will remove surface stains.”

2) Lowenberg also recommends eating cheese. Due to the high calcium and protein, it will help buffer the acids in your mouth. As for the most helpful cheese, he says, “cheddar.” It has the highest amount of calcium and protein and the texture will help remove stains.

3) Start chowing down on some strawberries. While the seeds may be a best, the fruit contains a lot of Vitamin C and is a natural astringent. The astringent removes surface stains, while the Vitamin C helps remove plaque.

4) Before tossing out banana peels, Lowenberg says, “bananas have high amounts of potassium, magnesium, and manganese that, when applied to the teeth, will remove stains and whiten them, plus the peel alone has calcium and vitamin D, which will help strengthen teeth.”

Now you’ve got some easy ways to help whiten those teeth before your ultimate snapshot moment!


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