National Milk Chocolate Day is Almost Here!

Written by Bryce

National Milk Chocolate Day is almost here, and we’re encouraging full participation from everyone in this great land.

We didn’t even know National Milk Chocolate Day was a thing until a few weeks ago, but now that we know, there’s simply no turning back. It’s like when you find your spirituality, you can’t go back to being a heathen after that. Milk chocolate appreciation is one in the same.

Aside from the many health benefits of chocolate and pure delishness, it’s a mood enhancer, a symbol of love and prosperity, and an all around happy occasion treat. So put your happy pants on (elastic waist preferred) and enjoy these milk chocolatey recipes to celebrate the big day:

Milk Chocolate Covered Pineapple Smoothie

Grab your suit and hit the pool with this spa-like smoothie for a much-deserved mental vacation.



·      5 oz. milk chocolate (we used Norman Love’s Solid Milk Chocolate Bar)

·      2.5 cups milk (any kind)

·      1 tbs. vanilla paste or 1 scraped vanilla bean

·      12 oz. frozen pineapple juice or 1.5 cups pineapple chunks

·      12 oz. frozen orange juice

·      1/2 cup ice (can be frozen fruit juice or milk cubes)



1.    Heat milk with vanilla bean or paste to scald and pour over milk chocolate; stir until melted through

2.   Cool milk chocolate mixture in refrigerator

3.   Place milk chocolate mixture, fruit/frozen juice and ice in blender and blend until desired consistency

4.   Serve immediately

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