Nail Crave: The New Black Typography Nail Kit

Written by jessica.tannenbaum

Constantly on Instagram and Tumblr I see newspaper print nails, and I think they’re awesome.  It’s an innovative way to add a unique twist on nail art, but it’s always seemed really hard and impossible to me.  I’m one who loves the look of nail art, but doesn’t have the patience or the coordination to do anything too tedious.  When I saw this typography nail art kit on Sephora’s website, I was all over it and its similar look to newspaper nails.

This kit contains everything you will need to transfer the typography to your nails, including a top coat that can be used over any nail polish.  You can get the kit in two different versions; the Weekly Journal which features a nude polish, or the Times Late Edition which comes with a grey polish.  The font of the type in each kit varies.  I will definitely be picking this up and giving it a whirl!

steps on application, a video tutorial and purchase information are available here 

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