Nail Crave: Polka Dots

Written by jessica.tannenbaum

Polka Dots are super trendy for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons, along with black and white.  This is a great trend that can be incorporated to shirts, pants, shoes, and now, your nails.  This simple design can add a quirky edge to your nails and can make anyone’s bitten, brittle nails look cute and elegant.

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The best part about this nail art is that there are so many color variations and pattern arrangements that you can do.  For example, you can use an opaque white Nail Polish as the  base and  neon colored nail pens to create a look that would be perfect for parties, or just a day at the pool.  If you want a more sophisticated and classic polka dot look, go for the color scheme above.  Getting this nail art trend is super easy and affordable and I guarantee that you’ll get tons of compliments on your chic manicure.

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