Music Spotting: The Top 20 Classic Rock Songs Of All Time According To Me

Not many people know this about me, but as a teen, I was a huge classic rock fan. Here are my top 20 favorites!

Not many people know this about me, but as a teen, I was a huge classic rock fan. I could spend all day listening to Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin while admiring my glow-in-the-dark stars under black light and not inhaling anything remotely illegal. That smell is just this awesome incense I got, mom. Nothing to see here. And although my room is no longer plastered wall to wall in vintage concert posters from the 60s and 70s, I don’t live with my mom and I listen to music by artists that are alive, I still hold the music that made my teen years that much more bearable close to my heart (I still have every Pink Floyd album from Syd Barrett through Roger Waters). So I decided to throw together a playlist of the 20 best classic rock songs according to me. Hope you enjoy and agree!

When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin – Can we talk about how this song just screams cool? There are a lot of great Zeppelin songs, but this one in particular is a song that puts me in a good mood no matter how shitty I may be feeling.

Have A Cigar by Pink Floyd – This song is truly one of my favorite Pink Floyd gems, tucked neatly away on “Wish You Were Here” and sung by Roy Harper. Can I also add that David Gilmour is one of the most underrated rock guitarists in history?

Crazy On You by Heart – Probably one of the most important chick bands of all time.

Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel – That crazy ear cutting scene in “Reservoir Dogs.” Enough said.

Roadhouse Blues by The Doors – Again, I’m aware that The Doors had many #1 hits, but this is the Top 20 according to me.

Wild World by Cat Stevens – This song reminds me of being 17, driving down Greenspring Ave. on a warm Spring day.

Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin – Who said women can’t rock it out as hard as the guys? Janis Joplin may have rocked it out a little too hard when she died at the too soon age of 27.

Happiness Is a Warm Gun by The Beatles – I’m not going to lie, my favorite Beatle is George Harrison – always and forever – but, this is my favorite Beatles song of all time.

Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix – I present you this. That is all.

Strange Brew by Cream – In case you don’t know, Eric Clapton was in this band.

Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones – An amazing song that seemed to really grasp the violent and chaotic energy of the late 60s.

Season of The Witch by Donovan – A 1960s classic that never gets old.

Bennie And The Jets by Elton John – I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times and I still couldn’t tell you what the hell he’s singing about.

Layla by Eric Clapton – Clapton clearly puts hos before bros. He wrote this song about George Harrison’s wife.

Life On Mars? by David Bowie – Isn’t it amazing how Bowie’s music transcends time and maybe even space?

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane – I used to go through a lot of incense as a teen.

She’s Not There by The Zombies – I love this song because it makes me feel like it’s sumer, even when it’s in the middle of winter in New York.

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright by Bob Dylan – This may or may not be the theme song to most of my romantic relationships.

You’re My Best Friend by Queen – What? You thought I’d reference “Wayne’s World” twice in one list?

Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac – This is another great driving song, because, you know, I like to go my own way.

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