Moto X: Finally a phone with femme potential

Written by Bryce

In the world of smartphones, usually the color schemes are somewhere between black, charcoal, silver, grey, or some other totally neutral hue. Don’t get me wrong- I love neutrals (on my winter coats, for example) but at a time when pops of color are literally everywhere, shouldn’t a gal be able to customize her phone to her liking? In walks Motorola’s Moto X. You can finally customize your phone’s casing (not an additional protective layer, but literally the phone itself) before it even gets shipped to your house. Are you a purple and silver kinda gal? Good, do it, that’s available. Or a specific shade of burgundy to match the killer Chloe bag you’ve been rocking? Do it up.

What’s even cooler is theirĀ new facebook landing page where you can design your phone to sort of match your life. Visit the page here, and you’ll instantly match your potential phone to the color scheme of your banner art. I did, and was matched instantly with a sleek white glossy front and a navy blue matte backing. So chic, and almost nautical (that’s still a trend, so I’m pretty thrilled). The phone itself runs all the fab apps you’re obsessed with, takes gorgeous selfies, tweets like a beast, and between you and I, sorta leaves my iPhone 5 looking a little drab.

The 16 GB version is under $200, and available for most of the big wireless carriers.

Check out the specs here.

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