Michelangelo’s Actual Tuscan House is For Sale

Written by Bryce

How fat is your bank account?

Yes, that Michelangelo. The Tuscan farmhouse was actually owned by the ever-famous artist, the very same one the best Ninja Turtle was named after. The main house on the farm estate boasts eight bedrooms (would you expect less from a Renaissance legend, though?), seven baths, and a total of six acres of land. It’s a lot more expensive than this Italian town’s free houses policy, but it sounds priceless to us.

We happen to think the place would make the coolest Italian countryside bed and breakfast of all time, and would become an artistic holy place for painters and dreamers of all kids. The land the house sits on is particularly idyllic, thanks to a lemon orchard (just imagine yourself making Michelangelo’s limoncello and tasting it the way he did), an olive grove, vineyards, and views for days.

Handsome Properties

Handsome Properties

It’s currently listed at 7.5 million Euros, which based on today’s rates comes out to about 9.25 million USD. In other words, you have an important choice to make: a small townhouse in New York City’s West Village, or an entire Tuscan estate with Michelangelo’s mojo vibes rubbed off all over the damn place. It’s up to you though, because we’re not telling you how to spend your money. Then again, you could be living in a castle in Italy for free if you venture outside the Renaissance painting zone.

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