Mexico’s Largest Rainbow Mural

mexican rainbow mural
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Artists in Mexico have turned hundreds of working-class houses into a huge rainbow mural.

mexican rainbow mural

A group of artists in Mexico called the Germ Collective have undertaken a huge feat- to turn the white facades of a working class barrio into a colossal work of art. Located in Las Palmitas, the project is called ‘Pachuca Paints Itself’ and the artists have spent 14 months painting the walls of the barrio in an effort to change its image.

Most poor neighborhoods in Mexico are made up of drab cinderblocks, so a nice pop of color is obviously a great way to spruce things up. The cool thing about this project is that aside from all the up-close rainbow swirls, the colors actually line up to create an abstract design.

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Before the mural, Las Palmitas was reportedly a sketchy neighborhood, but now children are reportedly playing on stoops, and people are adapting to their colorful new home.

This isn’t the first time someone has painted the ghetto in an effort to clean it up, but this is the first time the homes have linked together to form a huge, cohesive piece of art– and it all it took was a rainbow mural to get the ball rolling.

mexican rainbow mural

mexican rainbow mural

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