Wu Tang Clan Aint Nothin’ to F%&$ With

Written by Emily

According to documents filed yesterday, a fan in Texas was shot by Method Man SIX TIMES with an air gun.  WTF METHOD?! This happened in November of last year after asking for an autograph.  Reasonable response if you ask me, she was probably acting crazy and he did what any other normal person would do.  She should have known “Wu-Tang Clan aint nothin’ to f*ck with.”  See what I did there?  Yea, I’m clever, but I digress. TMZ states that the fan showed M-E-T-H-O-D Man (swear, last one) her ticket stub, which was when he pulled out his air rifle and went all Scarface on her ass.

She is suing for unspecified damages, but if she saw this YouTube video (if you haven’t seen this, take the time and check it out, its enlightening) he did with Redman about child support, my guess is that she will be getting a lot.  “Protect Ya Neck” (ok seriously, last one) and yo bank account on this one Method Man.

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