Nipple Magazine Dedicated to Male Nipples in Japan

mens nipple magazine
Written by Gary

This strange Japanese magazine is dedicated to the ‘mipple’. Because you were probably searching for a nipple magazine, right?

mens nipple magazine

I know the word ‘mipple’ is kind of strange, but the fact that men have nipples at all is kind of strange, so bear with me. In Japan, the land of strange and unusual sexual trends, there is a nipple magazine filled with photos of mens nipples.

The magazine is a dojinshi, which means self-published and the title translates to mean: ‘Everyone loves a Man Nipple: Photobook”.

The magazine is filled with photos of random men’s nipples, some of which I must say are spectacularly unattractive.

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The idea for the mag came to its brainchild Mr. Minazuki when he saw a Twitter post about men’s nipples that received a lot of attention. He recruited 19 nipple models, and bam- instant magazine idea.

In case you’re into this strange idea, the mag is available for purchase online at Melonbooks.

mens nipple magazine

mens nipple magazine

mens nipple magazine

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