These Married People Tweets = ALL Honesty

married people texts
Written by Gary

Married people tweets.

Every married person can relate to these married people tweets.

married people texts

Married people have their own language. I’m sure it comes from cohabitating with one person, and being around them at all hours, regardless of whether or not you always want to. It is a very specific set of circumstances when you pledge to spend your life with someone, and it leads to a very specific type of communication that only married people can really understand. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not, but it almost always leads to hilarious married people tweets if the home in question has decent wifi.

Sometimes married people communicate by yelling, manipulating, withholding things (i.e.manipulating), or explaining calmly and rationally what they are feeling (haha, JK), but when you have decided that someone is in your life to stay, the way you relate to them changes.

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These married people tweets offer an inside look into that world of communication. If you’re not married, here’s your window into life after a ring.

Editor’s note: the tweet about marriage being a series of ‘do we need anything from the grocery store?’ is completely, 100% verifiably accurate.

married people texts married people texts married people texts married people texts married people texts married people texts married people texts

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