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Men In Makeup To Support Cancer Research

Something rare has happened with social media recently — it’s been used for good. A viral selfie with the hashtag #NoMakeupSelfie started to trend in the U.K. and it led to raising £1million ($1,379,400 USD at current exchange rate) for Breast Cancer research. The best part? It was completely unplanned. Why stop there?


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A new social campaign asks men to put on some makeup and donate to Prostate Cancer. What started out slow has now reached over 2,000 fans on its Facebook page and the Instagram hashtag “#ManUpAndMakeup” has 105 photos and keeps on growing. The Facebook page reads “So we’ve seen enough girls with no make up so I’ve decided to set up a page to raise awareness and donations for Prostate Cancer with men with make up on.” As we all know, social media is usually not used for the good of other people. For example, the recent KIMYE Vogue cover took the social world by storm by slamming Vogue and Kim Kardashian.


We encourage all women to take the plunge and take a selfie with no makeup using “#NoMakeupSelfie” and all men to “#ManUpAndMakeup” in support of cancer research for both genders.

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