Man Smokes Cat Out Of Bong; Hilarity Does Not Ensue

Written by Steph

I was barely awake when I heard a newscaster announce that a Nebraska man had stuffed his cat into a bong and proceeded to smoke marijuana out of it (don’t worry, it wasn’t Michael Phelps). I immediately thought of the Bonsai Kitten internet hoax of the early 2000s. Then I thought, no way would someone do that. I must’ve dreamt it.

But I didn’t! This 20-year-old “man” actually stuffed his cat into the base of a homemade bong, in hopes that the cat would “calm down”. The 6-month-old cat, Shadow, is alive and was removed by the police; who brought her to the Humane Society.

This asshole paid a $400 fine for misdeameanor animal cruelty, but now faces charges of marijuana and paraphanalia posession. He also faces felony charges if it’s found that Shadow has incurred any bodily injury.

As both a shameless cat lover and a proponent of legalizing marijuana, I would personally like to kick this guys ass. The next time a kitten gets too antsy for your liking, buy it a scratching post. If he was able to stuff this cat into a 6 x 12 inch box, I’m sure it wasn’t really all that wild to begin with. And Shadow is 6-months-old! A baby, by any standards. Of course it’s hyper! Being incredibly stupid should be a felony. You are part of the reason why marijuana isn’t legal.

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