M2: Miraculous & Marvelous (or Mandelic & Malic)?

Written by Alexis


Being in my mid-twenties, I am at that point in my life where I am both battling the occasional breakout while also simultaneously beginning to wage war on the effects of aging. Yet the continuous switch-off between oil-fighters and moisturizers can give even the most beauty-savvy among us some serious whiplash.

Although chiropractors may actually enjoy the fallout of our nightly wavering between acne-fighters and wrinkle-creams, M2 Skin Care hopes to take the guesswork out of our evening routines (and to limit our chiropractic costs) with their 3-product line designed both to treat acne-prone skin and aging – and, ultimately, to give all of us the flawless, porcelain-like, complexion we all so desperately desire.

Formulated with antibacterial Mandelic Acid to treat acne-prone skin and Malic Acid to hydrate, M2 is ideal for treating breakouts as well as for protecting skin from aging free radicals. Plus, M2 boasts of anti-inflammatory Algae Extract to protect skin from the irritation typically associated with these powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acids (although the formula can nevertheless be a bit irritating for sensitive skin).

If mild irritation, however, is the price I have to pay for a flawless face, so be it. As they say, “no pain, no gain.” Sign me up!

M2 Collection Bundle, $92.51,
Includes M2 Exfoliating Cleanser (6.76 fl. oz.), M2 Skin Refinish 20% (1.7 fl. oz.), and M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer (1.7 fl. oz.).

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