Love 21 at Forever 21

Written by Lana

At 28, I’m not exactly over the hill. But this is the first year I’ve noticed feeling a little long in the tooth in certain contexts – the bar scene in Wrigleyville, and the Forever 21 on Michigan Avenue (or anywhere else), to name a few.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself among fellow trench coat-donning, high-heeled young professional women when I visited Forever 21 this week.

We were all congregated in the new Love 21 section, upstairs, in the middle. The signage in the store said Love 21 is Forever 21’s first “contemporary” line. Not sure what that means, but I can definitely tell a difference between Love 21 and the rest of Forever 21. First of all, there was more space. I could actually walk between the racks without my gym bag knocking over a display. No punk rocker-style styles here, either; it was all stuff you could get away with wearing to the office, yet it still had a young, funky vibe. I think the prices might be slightly higher — shirts were around $27, while $15 to $25 is more the range in the rest of the store.

Love 21 was rolled out in ten stores May 19, and will be introduced in about 15 more (including the Forever 21 in Yorktown Center in Lombard) on June 15. Here’s a list of locations slotted to carry the line.  If there’s not a store that’s carrying it in you area, you can shop online.

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