Loungey Baby Essentials

Written by Bryce

Loungey baby style is everything, and will make you want to rip off your heels to match your mini-me.

Babies should be snuggly, sweet-smelling, and comfy at all times. Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done.

1. Crib Shoes. Stride Rite makes the most adorable crib shoes for little ones, and these feature elastic AND velcro closure for easy on/off access and just the right amount of tension to make sure they don’t slip off. Plus, powder blue looks good with just about every little baby outfit ever. Available here at Amazon.

2. Chic little shorts. You know what’s cute to new and unusual levels? These shorts by Cherokee at Target. They’re literally $8 per pair, so you can stock up on them and pair them with every chic cable knit sweater your wee one possesses. Available here.

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3. Shopping for a girl? No problem, Cherokee also makes this dress set for tiny girls. Also $8, also endlessly chic. I literally can’t even with how high end these pieces look (seriously they scream baby J. Crew). Available here.

4. Baby carriers and blankeys. Aside from Stokke being basically everything to me, they make a lightweight carrier that’s perfect for Spring/Summer months. Put the little one in, drape an elegant knit Stokke blanket over the top, and voila– your baby is basically ready for a runway. Carrier available here, blanket available here.

5. Sun protection is the world. If you’re going to spend the time and effort to chic your baby up, I can only assume you’re on board for total skincare for the little angel, too. Right? Mustela makes some of my fave baby goodies, especially these sunblock sticks that are safe for super tiny ones, easy to pack into any purse or diaper bag, and simple enough for toddlers to even rub on their own arms and legs to get in the sun protection spirit. $16 available at Sephora.

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