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Louboutin’s New Heels Match All Skin Tones

Louboutin colour-match nude shoes.
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Just when you thought you were fully over Louboutins, the brand does something great, like redefine the word “nude”. In the fashion world, the word is used to refer to a generic, beige, Caucasian-esque tone. Nude pumps are a timeless way to elongate the leg without taking attention away from the outfit, and everyone should be able to partake in this flattering trend, regardless of whether their skin matches the “nude” tone or not.

Louboutin colour-match nude shoes.

Christian Louboutin is giving the color “nude” a broader definition. Five definitions, to be exact, ranging from the traditional nude to a rich dark brown. It’s just like finding the right foundation to match your skin tone, only for your feet. There is even a Louboutin Shades App that lets you take a photo of your foot and match a shoe to your skin. There may only be five choices, but it’s important to get it right for maximum leg elongation.

louboutin color match

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