Looking for a change from coffee?

Written by Linda

If you’re afraid you might be ODing on coffee, and would like something different, try one of the fabulous teas from Village Tea Company. Someone recently gave me a package of Village Tea’s Sweet Grace Vanilla Rooibos Tea and it is fantastic! For starters the stuff smells completely awesome and its caffeine free and packed with antioxidants.

IMG_2414I was introduced to Rooibos tea, which is red tea, last year at a coffee shop where a cup is easily over four dollars.   A package from the Village Tea Company costs only $12.95 and makes 35-40 cups of tea!

The package is pretty cool too.  Made from100% recycled paper you can reuse on your desk for pencils and pens. The tea is loose and comes with a reusable tea bag so you can brew either a cup or pot of tea.  It’s especially nice if you enjoy tea rituals; in fact many people find that just the act of making tea is relaxing.

And if red tea isn’t your thing they have organic green tea, white tea and black tea, some with ginseng others with acai, a total of ten different flavors in all.

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