A Look Inside the World of Lisa Frank

lisa frank art
Written by Gary

A long overdue peek into the world of Lisa Frank.

If you were born in the 80s, you know exactly who the hell Lisa Frank is (unless of course, you’re a straight man, but I doubt that anyone who reads these posts is a straight man, right?).

Long before Miley Cyrus was dancing around in a drugged-up frenzy with life-size teddy bears there was Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank basically took any dream any child of the 80s has ever had, and created art out of it. She plastered trapper keepers, pencils, pencil-sharpeners, erasers, lunchboxes, and clothes with all sort of colorful animals. Panda bears to unicorns, alligators to aardvarks, and everything in between was fair game for the world of Lisa Frank.

The visionary basically invented color through a hyper-stimulated estrogen lens. At some point her art was so that she sort of withdrew into the shadows. Now, (probably because popular culture has come back around to an acid-dream sort of aesthetic) Lisa Frank is opening the doors of her studio and letting us into her private life.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that I just made your day and your inner child is smiling, so you’re welcome.

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lisa frank art

lisa frank art

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