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Light Up Paddleboards Make Night More Fun

Written by Bryce

Light up paddleboards are now an essential part of cool kids entering the water.

An innovative Miami-based company, NightSUP, has been crafting paddleboards with strips of LED lights. The result is a safer-at-night paddleboarding experience, and a wildly good view of the water and sea life beneath the board. Also, just being on one around sunset provides users with the opportunity for potentially the best social media profile photo taking experience of their entire lives.

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Feel like giving this a try? If you’re in Florida there are a few tour operators that’ll take you on a fancy light up paddleboard, or you can contact the company directly for them to revamp your existing board, or outfit an entirely new one for you.

Suddenly water sports interest me.

For more info on NightSUP, here.

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