Life Advice from an Intern Part VI

Written by Casey

Life Advice from an Intern Part VI

1. If you continuously need assistance and ask your doorman to zip up your dress on a regular basis, I would say you need to start looking for a boyfriend.

2. Do you ever wonder what Anna Wintour sleeps in? I do. A lot. Not in a sexual way, in a style and fashion curious way you freaks!

3. Not eating is not the answer. Most of the time. Also, if you can’t afford a gym, go for a long jog around your neighborhood or Youtube Pilates and Yoga classes. That don’t cost a thang.

4. Always order water with lemon when you go out to dinner. (I got that from my mom).

5. Speaking of my mom, when your mom doesn’t answer your texts you need to reevaluate your life.

6. You know you are really down and out when your gay friends offer to sleep with you.

7. Do you ever think that you might be the prettier friend?

8. Being a muse is just about the best job you can have.

9. Do yourself a favor and sit up a little bit straighter.

10. Being mysterious is one of the best qualities in the world a woman can have.


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